Summary & Conclusion

Congratulations! You have finished the Tecnomatix Plant Simulation 14 Online Tutorial. So far, you have covered the following topics:

  • General understandings of simulation
  • Understanding the working environment and GUI of Plant Simulation
  • Understanding the object-oriented modeling approach of Plant Simulation
  • Modeling material flow and resource objects in simulation model
  • Enhancing the simulation user-defined control functions and behavior
  • Analyzing and visualizing simulation results
  • Viewing and running the simulation in the 3D viewer

Advanced training

This tutorial only covers the basics of Plant Simulation. There are many more advanced functionalities of Plant Simulation that you can use. If you want to take your training to next level, there are several helpful additional resources:

  • The integrated Tecnomatix Plant Simulation Help provides in-depth references for setting parameters of standard objects and built-in functions in SimTalk
  • Plant Simulation also comes with several small example models. They are especially helpful to understand how a specific object works.
  • Join Siemens Plant Simulation Forum to ask a specific modeling question or see if there are already answers to your questions

We also offer various training and individual coaching for Plant Simulation. Training is either in German or English. Training options are for example:

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further inquiry. We look forward to hear from you!